Natural Highs

natural highs

Natural Highs is our recovery focused activity based practice. This program can be delivered for all ages, fitness levels, medical conditions and clinical needs. This program is used as part of building a Therapeutic Alliance and is regarded as a core value of our organisation.

If you have ever been lucky enough to walk through Gap Creek reserve, Mount Coot-Tha forest, White Rocks conservation area, J C Slaughter falls, Simpson Falls, Raven Street reserve or Venman Bushland National Parks to name just a few!!

Or Alternatively, climb Tamborine Mountain with a few mates and enjoy a packed lunch.  Or walk through a local field watching the dogs round up the herd of sheep whilst you try to identify the call of some of Australia’s rarest birds. Or if you are a thrill seeker and prefer some water action.  How about travelling from the Gold Coast to Stradbroke Island on a jet ski??

That’s the Natural Highs experience. But hey, don’t just take my word for it.

This is what a previous person who took part had to say about his experience:

“I enjoyed going, it helped me get fit, it was good to get to know the person who I was going to work with me.  It was the longest and highest I have ever climbed in my life. I enjoyed having a go at map reading, but I found it quite hard at first.  When I was at the top, looking down over the edge makes you feel dizzy, like it’s going to drag you down. Although you know what – it’s very good!” (Tamborine Mountain).

“I have always wanted to go on a Jet Ski. I have never had the chance to do it before. When I was asked about what I would like to do, I just said Jet Ski!! It didn’t feel real at first until they pulled up outside my house to collect me. The experience was great and it taught me how to prepare for an activity, the importance of weather conditions, emergency planning, safety planning, rules of the water ways and a load of stuff that I had never thought about before.  I have used substances in the past and they never gave me a buzz that was close to this – One of my recovery goals is to save for my own Ski!” (Jet Ski Experience).

Full clothing, equipment and lunch is provided by New Adult Pathways and their partners in the community. We are also fully insured and complete comprehensive risk assessments prior to engaging in risk taking activities.  We deliver Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS) whilst delivering an exhilarating activity program. The activities can be one to one, group focused or a mixture of both. It is guaranteed that by engaging in this program you will build up a strong Therapeutic Alliance with your clinician and increase your motivations during recovery.