Family Counselling/Therapy

For more information or to make an appointment please contact your General Practitioner (G.P.) or give our admin a call on 0481 168 623 or 0412 726 245.

New Adult and New Children’s Pathways offers family counselling/therapy.  Family Counselling/Therapy aims to prevent a family breakdown by working directly with all family members, guardians, foster caregivers or kinship caregivers to resolve aspects causing family conflict in order to improve family relationships.

Family counselling/therapy is aimed at families who currently have amicable relationships, families living together or families living apart and would like counselling and social work support to deal with complex family issues.

As an overview New Adult family counselling/therapy is a form of counselling where we utilise a mix of individual therapy supplemented with additional social work.  All participants for family therapy are taken through individual session’s, have individual treatment plans and then if appropriate are invited to participate in whole family discussions.  This model tends to be short-term and focuses on resolving immediate conflict.

Our social workers in turn assist you to plan for the future or in some cases may make recommendations and/or referrals to partnership organisations.  Family counselling/therapy may help you to re-establish connections with family members and improve relationships or resolve long term issues.

Engaging with our social work team has benefitted a wide number of families to date.  We work with families are going through difficult times and aim to improve their relationships or resolve issues.  Whilst providing families with strategies to deal with everyday life.