Relationships Counselling

What is relationship counselling?

For more information or to make an appointment please contact your General Practitioner (G.P.) or give our admin a call on 0481 168 623 or 0412 726 245.

All our counsellors are social work qualified professionals who facilitate discussion, provide new perspectives and explore influencing factors on the issues that are causing your relationship concern.

Relationship Counselling involves talking with a social worker about any relationship difficulties that you are currently experiencing.  New Adult pathways encourage you to explore your feelings and emotions in a safe place where problems and issues can be understood.  We can help you gain clarity, exploring a wide range of possibilities, options and the possible consequences of actions. People report feeling supported, acknowledged, respected and valued throughout the counselling process.

New Adult Pathways focuses upon the following relationship situations:

  • Preparing to be in a relationship
  • Starting a relationship
  • Wanting to make your relationship stronger
  • Having relationship difficulties
  • Safely exiting an abusive relationship

New Adult Pathways identifies the benefits of Relationship Counselling as:

  • Helping you to identify patterns in your relationship
  • Helping recognise the factors which are contributing to misunderstandings
  • Helping improve communication
  • Helping manage differences and explore possibilities
  • Helping address issues around managing conflict, affairs, parenting, sexual difficulties, loss and grief and separation

New Adult Pathways delivers relationship counselling to both individuals and couples.  You can access counselling on your own (if your partners not ready or it’s not safe to invite them) and this will ultimately impact on your partner, as we believe that a change in one person’s relationship approach can also affect the other’s.  Sometimes when one person accesses counselling, their partner can see the positive change and can be encouraged to attend.