My Language, Community, Culture or Religion

For more information or to make an appointment please contact your General Practitioner (G.P.) or give our admin a call on 0481 168 623 or 0412 726 245.

First Nations People of Australia:

New Adult pathways recognises that as a member of the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community you are encouraged to contact us and access our services. We work with our clients and partner organisations to offer a quality service in a culturally sensitive and respectful manner. We respect that everyone is unique and are guided by your experience to help us to provide the support you or your family need to achieve your vision for wellbeing.

Over the past few years we have consulted extensively throughout Queensland’s diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and within our own workforce.  We have developed a Cultural Fitness philosophy outside of that of standardised western practices in order to better service your community.  We encourage your input in order to help us to respond to diverse service needs within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of Queensland.  New Adult Pathways services will join with shared diversity strategies with our partners, empowering our whole organisation with a range of experience and knowledge to support our staff to work sensitively with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities and families.

Community Engagement

New Adult Pathways and New Children’s Pathways engage regularly with their respective local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities, Traditional Owners, Elders and Emerging Leaders.

Our staff within current services employ their local knowledge of protocol, family and kinship systems, gender and age sensitivity when working with Indigenous clients.

We are committed to maintaining and developing our use of technology and linking with diverse Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community media to connect regional, remote and urban people to our service.

The biggest cultural compliant that we can receive is a referral from your community.

Rainbow Therapeutic Approach

The Rainbow counselling is a service striving to support the mental health and wellbeing of people of diverse bodies, genders and sexualities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and Questioning (LGBTIQ).

New Adult pathways and sister organisation New Children’s Pathways support the families, allies and practitioners who, in turn, support those identifying as LGBTIQ.

Our organisation has partners across the world, who assist us to meet the needs of your community.

Migrants Living in Australia:

If you are a migrant, either new or settled, we know that you will go through many stages of cultural adaptation in Australia, our service was developed in the UK and our managing director is a Migrant himself.  Migrants have varying needs due to different experiences with migration, cultural isolation and resettlement, and may need special recognition when accessing counselling, mediation and support.  Minority stress is often experienced by migrants who enter into Australia, do not feel that you are the only one.

New Adult pathways standards of clinical practice are suitable for all ethnic populations. We are sensitive to the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) clients by accepting, respecting and understanding cultural differences.

We are open to gaining relevant knowledge of the particular ethnic group we are working with.  Our counsellors are mindful that they need to expand their repertoire of therapy skills to reflect helpful and appropriate counselling practices.  We provide our services in ways that show support, understanding and consistency with your racial and ethnic background.  We are mindful of the cultural identities and norms of the people we see.

At New Adult Pathways, it is our aim to increase your knowledge on resilience and other coping skills so that you can quickly bounce back from adverse situations you are facing.  Our social work team offer additional support to navigate through complex institutions such as health, legal, financial and many more new systems here in Queensland.

If you have limited proficiency in English when you ring our number, where possible we will attempt to engage an interpreter with the language and dialect you request.  We encourage you to use google translate and send us a text to our administration team mobiles of 0481 168 623 or 0412 726 245. Once we have located an interpreter, we can proceed to find out how we can help you.   This is a free service and we hope that you feel comfortable contact us.